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Re: system users

Vincent Bernat wrote:
>>> On  some  systems  like  OpenBSD,  all those  users  are  starting  with
>>> underscore to avoid  collision with real users. On  Debian, I have never
>>> seen  this, even  for packages  that comes  from OpenBSD  (like openntpd
>>> which uses "ntpd"). Is there some drawbacks with underscore?

>> This has been discussed a couple of times, but IIRC without definitive
>> conclusion. "Debian-" and "debian-" seem to be as prefixes as well.
>> Maybe it is easiest to just go with something that is popular among
>> existing packages you care about.

> On  systems that  I have  access to,  there is  Debian-exim and  no user
> starting with underscore. However, I  have a lot of system users without
> special prefixes.  Do you have  some popular packages with a system user
> starting with "debian-" in mind?

I was thinking about popular amongst Debian packages, not in popular
packages... tor has "debian-".

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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