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Re: system users

OoO En  ce début d'après-midi nuageux  du samedi 15  novembre 2008, vers
14:02, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> disait :

>> On  some  systems  like  OpenBSD,  all those  users  are  starting  with
>> underscore to avoid  collision with real users. On  Debian, I have never
>> seen  this, even  for packages  that comes  from OpenBSD  (like openntpd
>> which uses "ntpd"). Is there some drawbacks with underscore?

> None.  In fact, is a damn good solution to the problem.

Unfortunately,  by  default,  NAME_REGEX  does  not  allow  the  use  of
underscore. The user needs to be created with --force-badname.
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