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Re: ldconfig with a non-standard prefix

Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
Am Freitag, 14. November 2008 schrieb Jonathan Steel:

I cannot find anywhere in the documentation how to solve my current
problem. I have made bunch of custom packages that will install, among
other things, a bunch of libraries into /opt/pkgs/packagname. I know
that ldconfig gets run after apt-get.

My question is how do I get it to pick up the libraries in any of the
/opt/pkgs/* folders. I know how the ld.so.conf works, but I basically
want an entry that says /opt/pkgs/*. I figured there has to be a
standard way of doing this for debs. Does anyone know?


Jonathan Steel

/opt ??? I think, this path is not used for packages in Debian for a long long time. As far as I know, most packages went to /usr/share.



You are correct. But these are custom packages that only my company uses. I'm thinking that the best solution will be to include a file in the package that is put into /etc/ls.so.conf.d/packagename.conf. This file will contain the path to the library. I'm not crazy about this solution but I think it will work. I was just wondering if there is an accepted way to do this. But I guess not if you no debs ever go anywhere except /usr/share.


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