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Bug#505739: ITP: ffmpeg2dirac

package: wnpp
severity: wishlist
owner: holger@debian.org
x-debbugs-cc: anuradha@rd.bbc.co.uk, foms@lists.annodex.net, debian-devel@lists.debian.org


I intend to package this and to maintain it in the collab-maint repository
on alioth. If someone wants to (co)maintain or beat me in packaging it,
please go ahead. I wont start before the lenny release anyway ;)


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Subject: [foms] ffmpeg2dirac source available on diracvideo.org
Date: Tuesday 11 November 2008 07:02
From: Anuradha Suraparaju <anuradha@rd.bbc.co.uk>
To: Foundations of Open Media Software <foms@lists.annodex.net>

ffmpeg2dirac is a utility that converts any file that can be decoded by
FFmpeg to Dirac muxed with Vorbis (if audio exists) in Ogg. It is
derived from ffmpeg2theora and uses the same command line interface as
ffmpeg2theora. By default it uses the dirac-research encoder to encode.
If Schroedinger is installed, it uses the Schroedinger encoder if
--use-schro argument is provided in the command line.

The source is available for download from the diracvideo.org Git

I plan to add more presets and more Dirac specific command line
arguments and a simple GUI in the near future.

Sample encoding commands are

1. Transcode a MPEG2 video file to Dirac in Ogg

./ffmpeg2dirac -o ~/tmp/tmp/out/max-baobah_dirac_2.ogv

2. Transcode a DV file to Dirac+Vorbis in Ogg using the Schroedinger

ffmpeg2dirac -f dv --use-schro -o
max-baobah_dirac_vorbis.ogv /video/max-baobah.dv

I've yet to test it thoroughly. Have to clean up the configuration stuff.
Currently it uses scons. But I want to replace it with a configure script.
The documentation needs more work as well.

The files generated play back ok in vlc. But having trouble using them with
FFmpeg. There are some time stamp issues to resolve.

Any comments/suggestions welcome.


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