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Re: Who owns /etc/default/locale?

Steve M. Robbins <steve@sumost.ca> wrote:
> I have two systems.  Both track unstable, and have package
> locales at version 2.0.16.  

> On one system, package locales owns /etc/default/locale, on the other,
> it doesn't.  Should the file be owned by locales or not?

> Could the situation arise by upgrades? 


> root@lilavati{~}dpkg --search /etc/default/locale
> locales: /etc/default/locale

Some versions of the locales package contained the file, but it
stopped being shipped in 2.6.1-3 (see bug #441360). dpkg nowadays
tracks orphaned conffiles, i.e. conffiles that previously were owned by
a package and have not been removed. It will still find them with dpkg
-S, and list them in dpkg -s. 

System one probably once had a locale package that shipped the file
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