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Re: Who owns /etc/default/locale?

On 2008-11-09 16:43 +0100, Steve M. Robbins wrote:

> I have two systems.  Both track unstable, and have package
> locales at version 2.0.16.  
> On one system, package locales owns /etc/default/locale, on the other,
> it doesn't.  Should the file be owned by locales or not?

It shouldn't, but on my system it is as well.

> Could the situation arise by upgrades?  One system is 4 years old
> (upgraded weekly or better), the other just two months old.  Surely it
> isn't architecture dependent (one is x86, the second is amd64)?

It depends on if you ever had locales 2.6.1-2 installed.  That version
mistakenly shipped /etc/default/locale as a conffile, which was reverted
in the next upload.  See #437404 and #441360.


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