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What source is [Re: Bug reports of DFSG violations are tagged ???lenny-ignore????]

On Wed, 29 Oct 2008, Brian May wrote:
> Is there any requirement that says the source code must be editable
> in a sane manner (e.g. editing a PDF file with a binary hex editor
> would not be sane) with entirely DFSG compliant tools?

Source code is the (digitally-distributable) form of a work that is
(closest to) the prefered form of modification.[0] That is to say, the
form of the work that the upstream author would actually use to modify
the work.

If the upstream author modifies the work using a binary hex editor,
then that's what the source is.[1]

There may be open questions about whether we need to provide source
for everything,[2] and whether source includes the tools necessary to
build and/or modify,[3] but those are separate questions, none of
which are particularly on topic on this mailing list. [-project is the
appropriate place to discuss that.]

Don Armstrong

0: The parentheticals deal with cases where the prefered form of
modification has been lost or the prefered form of modification is
some kind of physical object that can't be distributed.

1: I'd argue against distributing something because it would be
impossible to maintain, and the upstream author is likely to be
insane, but that's nothing to do with the DFSG.

2: Like firmware or documentation

3: Compilers, editors, etc.

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