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Re: Bug reports of DFSG violations are tagged ???lenny-ignore????

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> A PDF _can_ be the source - If it uses OpenOffice's new Hybrid PDF
> format [1], which embeds an ODF. Of course, that is _very_ seldom the
> case. (and writing practically anything with OOo is... Bah, I just
> hate the Office mindset. It is an inefficient as it gets!)
You can edit PDF files with Adobe Acrobat too. They don't need to by
hybrid documents.

I think this is very dodgy and also requires proprietary software to do
the editing. I don't know of any DFSG software that will do the same thing.

However it is possible.

Is there any requirement that says the source code must be editable in a
sane manner (e.g. editing a PDF file with a binary hex editor would not
be sane) with entirely DFSG compliant tools?

Brian May

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