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Re: URGENT: Please remove my email from your web-page

On Di, 28 Okt 2008, Bernhard.von.Weyhe@esa.int wrote:
> Could you please remove my email address: bernhard.von.weyhe@esa.int - or the
> short version bvw@esa.int from all parts from of your web portal?
> In particular, I found it here:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/03/msg00239.html

Forget it. If you post on public mailing lists then your email is
public. Better to use a @hotmail or whatever adress if you don't want to
publicize your address.

And, even IF the admins remove the email, did you ever heard about
Google??? Do you really believe that your email adress will disappear.

I am a bit surprised from an official of the European Space Agency to
see such a complete incomprehension of the Internet.

> Currently, I am really flooded with spam-emails due to such public display of
> my email.

Ever heard about dspam, spam-assassin, or any other spam filter. I am
quite sure that the spam amount I am facing here is comparable, but
using dspam I don't see it at all.

Best wishes


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