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Survey about the Debian Wiki

Dear Debianists,
Here is a link toward a survey that I set up in order to understand
the uses and conceptions of the Debian Wiki within the Debian
community :

My name is Anne Goldenberg, I'm a PhD student in communication and
sociology at UQAM and I work on contributions and negotiations in
public wikis. As part of my fieldwork, I study the Debian Wiki, as well
as the french Ubuntu Wiki and Wikipedia. Some of you may already know
me from the DebConf8 where I made a few interviews with some Debian
wiki contributors. Doing so, and talking with other Debianists, I
realized there were differents visions of the wiki and thought it might
interesting to set up this survey. Your answers will help me in the
writing of my thesis, but I think it could also be valuable for the
Debian community. I will share the result with you by putting them
online [1] under a free license. You'll be notified of this publication 
through the same list I have used to contact you.

You will need about 20 min to answer the survey. 

Thank you for your attention,
Anne Goldenberg

[1]on these wiki http://wikifarm.koumbit.net/anne 
and website http://anne.koumbit.org

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