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Re: Bug#503096: ITP: alpaca -- GnuPG file handling for Emacs

On October 26, 2008 at 11:11AM +0100,
zack (at debian.org) wrote:

> Indeed, the fact that EasyPG is now integrated in development version
> of Emacs is my main reason for objecting this ITP.
> Hence the question goes as: considering that the next release of
> Debian is most likely going to be released with Emacs (>= 23.1), which
> is integrated properly with EasyPG, do we need alpaca in Debian? I
> believe the answer is «no».
> > `alpaca' just provides a hook function for *.gpg file handling.
> > Meanwhile EasyPG is a powerful tool which also provides keyring
> > browser, dired integration, mail functions and so on.  So, the
> > source code of alpaca is more small and simple.
> Yes, but EasyPG is integrated with a package we already have, and the
> complexity you are mentioning is not exposed to the random user of
> *.gpg files.

I think that the alpaca package isn't meaningless even if less
people use alpaca than EasyPG.

`alpaca' uses symmetric encryption with "--cipher-algo AES" for a
new *.gpg file by default, while I haven't found an easy way to
customizet EasyPG.

To avoid the complexity of handling *.gpg files, I won't enable the
alpaca feature if EasyPG is installed, and I'll suggest EasyPG and
add more information in the alpaca package document.

FYI: you may enable both alpaca and EasyPG's epa-file with setting
alpaca-regex-suffix to "\\.gnupg$" (other than ".gpg").

Tatsuya Kinoshita

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