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Re: Bug#503096: ITP: alpaca -- GnuPG file handling for Emacs

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 11:14:53PM +0900, Tatsuya Kinoshita wrote:
> > I think that a package for one single file is too much.

I agree with Luca here.
FWIW I also formally object to this ITP.

> Even so, the Debian package is helpful for users to install,
> upgrade and use it.

This is not an argument per se. Everything which should be installed
on user machines can benefit to be managed as a package. Still, we
have trade-offs to do about the maintainability of our package base.

> `alpaca' is an old and simple way.
> The old version of alpaca (named gpg.el) was released in 2003 and
> has been useful ever since.  EasyPG, "yet another GnuPG interface
> for Emacs", version 0.0.1 was released in 2006, and then merged the
> development version of Emacs (will be 23.1 release) in 2008.

Indeed, the fact that EasyPG is now integrated in development version
of Emacs is my main reason for objecting this ITP. I'm using
emacs-snapshot from [1] and without any configuration at all *.gpg
files are handled properly. The level of integration is the same I
used to have with gnupg.vim as shipped by vim-scripts.

Hence the question goes as: considering that the next release of
Debian is most likely going to be released with Emacs (>= 23.1), which
is integrated properly with EasyPG, do we need alpaca in Debian? I
believe the answer is «no».

[1] http://emacs.orebokech.com/

> `alpaca' just provides a hook function for *.gpg file handling.
> Meanwhile EasyPG is a powerful tool which also provides keyring
> browser, dired integration, mail functions and so on.  So, the
> source code of alpaca is more small and simple.

Yes, but EasyPG is integrated with a package we already have, and the
complexity you are mentioning is not exposed to the random user of
*.gpg files.


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