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Re: Bug#503096: ITP: alpaca -- GnuPG file handling for Emacs

Hi Luca, thanks for the comment.

On October 22, 2008 at 7:18PM +0200,
luca (at pca.it) wrote:

> > * Package name    : alpaca
> [...]
> > * URL             : http://www.mew.org/~kazu/proj/cipher/
> I think that a package for one single file is too much.

Even so, the Debian package is helpful for users to install,
upgrade and use it.

> >   Description     : GnuPG file handling for Emacs
> >  `alpaca' is an Emacs Lisp package to edit GnuPG files encrypted with
> >  shared-key cryptography on GNU Emacs.
> >  .
> >  If this package is installed, when handling of a file whose suffix
> >  is ".gpg", this package asks your passphrase and then the file is
> >  automatically decrypted/encrypted.
> What are the advantages of alpaca over EasyPG [1]?  FWIW with EasyPG you
> get the same behavior when you handle a .gpg file and I was thinking
> that (finally) EasyPG was the Emacs choice for everything GPG related.

`alpaca' is an old and simple way.

The old version of alpaca (named gpg.el) was released in 2003 and
has been useful ever since.  EasyPG, "yet another GnuPG interface
for Emacs", version 0.0.1 was released in 2006, and then merged the
development version of Emacs (will be 23.1 release) in 2008.

`alpaca' just provides a hook function for *.gpg file handling.
Meanwhile EasyPG is a powerful tool which also provides keyring
browser, dired integration, mail functions and so on.  So, the
source code of alpaca is more small and simple.

If you always use symmetric (shared-key) encryption for *.gpg
files, alpaca is fit for you.  Because alpaca always use symmetric
encryption, while EasyPG asks user to select recipients and then
symmetric encryption is used if no one is selected.

Anyway, I'll add more information to the package description and
README.Debian.  Also, I'll consider the conflict of EasyPG.  The
alpaca feature should not be enabled when EasyPG's epa-file feature
is enabled.

Tatsuya Kinoshita

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