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Re: RC bug for >10 packages

On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 06:25:47PM +0200, Francis Tyers wrote:
> We've come up with a better solution, which is to add dependencies to
> the apertium package, and then make the apertium package depend on a
> particular version of pcre3. It's safer this way, as I can't find out
> anything about compatibility of precompiled regular expressions in pcre
> between versions, so better to assume they aren't.

Your assumption is correct, from "man pcreprecompile":

"If you save compiled patterns to a file, you can copy them to a
different host and run them there. This works even if the new host has
the opposite endianness to the one on which the patterns were compiled.
There may be a small performance penalty, but it should be
insignificant.  However, compiling regular expressions  with  one
version of PCRE for use with a different version is not guaranteed to
work and may cause crashes."


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