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Re: DFSG-violations and NEW and DFSG-violations and I would fix them, but...

Reinhard Tartler <siretart@debian.org> writes:
> With "Like this" I mean packages that have been held back in NEW for a
> very long time without response or REJECTED with an reason not
> acceptable to the maintainer? Does mediating this kind of issues fall
> under the authority of the TC, or should they be escalated rather to the
> DPL?

Well, if a package is in NEW for a long time, that's something that
really cannot be mediated, as it probably means that none of the
ftpmasters (or assistants) have had the time to look into it (meaning
it is very likely a very complex package with licensing issues), and
no authority in Debian can force any project member to do work the
member doesn't want to do.

If a package is REJECTED with a reason the maintainer thinks is
invalid, I think the first step should be to tell the ftpmaster (as a
group) the reasons. It is always possible that a ftpmaster (as a
person) has made a mistake.

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