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Re: mpeg encoder patents, Was: Bug#501190: ITP: moonlight

Reinhard Tartler wrote:

> Didier Raboud <didier@raboud.com> writes:
>>>  - source packages in 'main' may build-depend on packages in 'patented'
>> This is problematic for a self-buildable main everywhere, no ?
> This means that buildds would need to add both 'main' and 'patented' to
> their sources.list, right.
> Do you see a particular problem with requiring that?


If I am in a country where the usage of the "patented" repo is forbidden for
whatever reason, I could (legally) not rebuild the whole "main" myself.

And if I understand the DFSG correctly, for each package in "main", I should
be able to get access to the full source code needed for its build. This
could not be realised if I can't access to "patented" for legal reasons.



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