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Re: What you can do for "Lenny"

On Tuesday 07 October 2008 07:25, Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> wrote:
> > Is there any plan to fix things to allow separate uploads to testing and
> > unstable for Lenny+1?
> It's already existing, but we like packages to be tested *before* they
> enter testing...
> Much more aggressive removals from testing is of course another option...

Ideally I would be able to upload a package for inclusion in Squeeze and a 
package for inclusion in Lenny on the same day.

Once Lenny first gets frozen the ideal situation would be to allow 
unrestricted uploads of new versions for Squeeze.  Then if a bug is found in 
both the version in Squeeze and the version in Lenny fixes could be uploaded 
for both at the same time.

Do we need a testing-unstable place?

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