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Re: What you can do for "Lenny"

On Tuesday 07 October 2008 03:44, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl 
<tolimar@debian.org> wrote:
> Oh, and if you could refrain from upload new upstream versions of
> packages to "Sid", you would make all our lives easier. Some reasons:
> * New packages won't reach "Lenny" anyway.
> * Upload new packages to "Sid" makes it harder to get a fix into "Lenny"
>   should a new bug be found.
> * Uploading a new package makes it harder for other packages depending
>   on your package to be migrated to "Lenny".
> * You are wasting the buildd's time.

Is there any plan to fix things to allow separate uploads to testing and 
unstable for Lenny+1?

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