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Re: Spam-Problem with linux.debian.user.german

Klaus Ethgen <Klaus@Ethgen.de> writes:

> What the hell is that about? I did not post to any mailing list. I did
> post to a nntp group. I do not want to subscribe to one another mailing
> list when there is a nntp group available. Mailing lists are as bad as
> this forum stuff. For all and ever a new account with a new password.[0]

But you did try to post to a mailing list even though you tried to do
it through a nntp gateway. The linux.debian.* groups are just
'mirrors' of the mailing lists available on lists.debian.org gatewayed
trough a server that happens to be located in italy.

If you want tomake uses of the services provided by linux.* (which is
mostly nntp access to a lot of linux related mailling lists) you'll
have to subscribe to the service as the mail you got has told you.

... but I guess this is offtopic for debian-devel.


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