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Re: Spam-Problem with linux.debian.user.german


Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> I had posted a followup to linux.debian.user.german. Now I got a very
> strange mail from a italian host telling me that the post was canceled
> and that I have to subscribe a mailing list.
> What the hell is that about? I did not post to any mailing list. I did
> post to a nntp group. I do not want to subscribe to one another mailing
> list when there is a nntp group available. Mailing lists are as bad as
> this forum stuff. For all and ever a new account with a new password.[0]

The linux.debian.user.german newsgroup is provided by a Mail <-> NNTP
gateway, all messages sent to the mailing lists are relayed to the
newsgroup.  Maybe the mail you got said that this is only a
one-directional gateway?

If this is the case, I recommend gmane.org, they provide bi-directional
gateways to many mailing lists (it asks for a one-time confirmation


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