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Re: DELAYED queue and upload hostname

On 11514 March 1977, Faidon Liambotis wrote:
> Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>> Only problem is - if someone goes and uploads a NEW package there it
>> would get us in trouble, as we would distribute it before it got its
>> inspection if we really can do that. So if that ever happens it needs
>> some extra code to look if its valid to give links or not.
> Well, and anyone can upload anything to his ~/public_html and have
> Debian servers distribute it.

> As long as it's not distributed as part of the official archive, I think
> we should be mostly OK.

*NO* we aren't.

> Not that I would disagree with having those extra checks, I'm just
> saying that we shouldn't overreact with this, IMHO.

If you go and export unregistered crypto foo from debian.org systems it
will get you into trouble, at least with Debian.

bye, Joerg
Contrary to common belief, Arch:i386 is *not* the same as Arch: any.

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