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Re: DELAYED queue and upload hostname

On 11514 March 1977, Julien Cristau wrote:

> 1) I use Tollef's DELAYED queue mostly for 0-day because it's accessible
> over ssh, so I can rsync files over which is more reliable than ftp on a
> bad link.  It sounds like you're removing the possibility to use that (I
> know I can rsync files to some debian host and ftp from there, but
> that's more manual work).

Yes, the way via .d.o hosts it is.

> 2) Will files in DELAYED be readable?  It's occasionally useful to
> inspect uploads there before they reach the archive, like if somebody
> forgot to send his nmu diff to the bts.

Thomas plans to provide a similar overview as we have for NEW
packages. We could enable that to have links to the files itself.

Only problem is - if someone goes and uploads a NEW package there it
would get us in trouble, as we would distribute it before it got its
inspection if we really can do that. So if that ever happens it needs
some extra code to look if its valid to give links or not.

bye, Joerg
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