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Re: 25+2 packages with (Glade) generated C source files without the source

On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 02:13:21PM +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
> Of course it does! Once the functionality is dropped, there is no way to
> continue working on the project without editing the C files. Developers
> cannot continue using the old version of glade (it doesn't support some
> of the stuff that you can do with glade).

Ok, thanks for the explanation, I now see the situation much more

Heh, I'm starting to see why lawyers are generally not liked (or at
least that's the cliché), especially when they eventually turn out to
be mistaken, although the response to this issue has been quite nice
and polite this time, and specifically I don't mean this as a
criticism to any of you.

I guess from a maintainer's POV it's quite easy to see efforts like
this as trying to cripple the software or distribution they maintain,
while I view it more like I want to help Debian maintain their
self-chosen commitment to 100% freedom, since freedom is one of the
issues close to my heart. (If you search for bugs reported by me, I
think you'll see that not all of them are nagging for license issues

Thanks for your efforts, all of you!


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