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Re: Glade no longer generates C source code

On Sun, 2008-08-31 at 04:17 +0300, Sami Liedes wrote:
> I grepped the source tarballs in Lenny (testing) main section for the
> note "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - it is generated by Glade." which
> indicates the file is generated using the Glade UI editor. Then I
> checked if these packages have any *.glade* files, which would be the
> Glade projects, i.e. the "source code" (at least in the GPL sense,
> "preferred form of modification") for these. For those of these
> packages for which this is not a false alarm, I believe this would
> fail DFSG #2, and for those being licensed under GPL, it would
> probably make them non-distributable.

No. It would just mean that Glade was used to *originally* create the
file but then the file *has* been modified (many, many times) but the
warning simply hasn't been removed.

Glade no longer even generates the C files. Glade-2 did, Glade-3 does
not. (Try it, load glade-3, create a .glade file and try to get the
interface.c, support.c and callbacks.c source code files.)

Therefore, no matter what the C files say, it is no longer possible to
generate the C files using the current version of Glade and the C files
MUST be the preferred form for modification!

I'm sorry, but it appears that you have misunderstood Glade.

> I haven't filed bugs for any of these, save for tangogps which was the
> first case I encountered and after which I got the idea to do this.

I do not think that any bugs are appropriate here. The behaviour you
seek to utilise has been removed from the program that you assert as the
generator of the preferred form.

> gpe-contacts
>     support.c
>     support.h

Absolute false positive - the C files have been heavily modified by


Neil Williams

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