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Bug#496967: general: System completely blocks any input


Am 29.08.2008 um 20:20 schrieb Lars Wirzenius:

pe, 2008-08-29 kello 19:51 +0200, Frank Küster kirjoitti:
Any ideas how I can start debugging this?

My first suspicion would be about the hardware.

Mine too.

You could run memtest86+
for at least 12 hours or until the first error.

Can I download an iso image of a boot CD with memtest86+ somewhere? I have only this single Linux machine at the moment, and there's no chance at all that the machine works long enough that I am able to install the package and understand how to create an image.

Another idea: you could test the system with another version of Debian,
or with Ubuntu, Knoppix, or another live CD, and see if you can
reproduce the problem with that.

That's exactly what I did and why I am reporting this as a Debian bug: It never occurred when booting from a Knoppix CD, even after hours.

The only thing that is different hardware-wise is that the harddisk is mostly inactive in Knoppix.

Is there any live system available which can handle lvm volumes? I think I even have some free disk space for an additional partition to install the live system on harddisk. But I cannot access it from Knoppix, and didn't find information on lvm in the Knoppix FAQ.

TIA, Frank

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