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Re: Etch->Lenny upgrade mutes some/many old laptops.

>It should be documented: yes.
>But what's your problem? It is the same situation as for so much other
>hardware like WLAN, etc. And the sound card is not even essential for booting
>or downloading additional software.
>And no need to write a driver: it is still there.

I think you didn't get the main point, I'm not too worried about the
sound of my ten years old laptop, I didn't even (yet) care to test the
fix. I'm much more worried about what things like this are going to
cause for the overall popularity of the debian. In case you didn't
know, 99% of western people don't know how to read kernel log or build
and install firmware from source. They don't even know what kernel
means, and really they shouldn't have to.

Think for example my mother. She uses her computer for reading mail,
writing text, watching movies, listening to music, playing small java
games. I could install debian for her laptop and quickly teach how to
do those things. Then after using her computer for one year, she makes
upgrade and BANG! She can hear no more music, or she cannot use WLAN
anymore! She goes to shop, and buys Windows Vista and gets her
neighbour to install it for her. Typical death of linux.

If you ******** fanatics cannot start to look things from my mother's
point of view, debian will not ever become popular. Now I cannot
honestly recommend debian to any of my friends, because instead of
making hard things simple, you are making simple things harder.

It's just totally frustrating to see that huge effort put in X (it's
nowadays unbelievably easy to configure) is meaningless if you
intentionally break newbie users' systems in other ways (this time by
removing fully functional kernel firmware, next time, who knows...).

Sorry for being rude. I'm just very angry.

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