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[Help] Re: feh: alpha blending (e.g., thumbnail under pointer hilite) not working

Hi Maciej,

you reported the problem described above a long time ago and got
not response.  I took over the feh package now and just would like
to say sorry for leaving your problem ignored in the first place.

I verified that this problem exists on recent testing with the
current feh version.  I'm a little bit suspicious about the fact
that you wrote the problem would not occure when using the old
4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 version of "xserver-xfree86".  I admit I'm not
very educated in X server programming and thus I would like to
ask for help here on Debian devel list whether this is really
a problem of feh or rather the underlying libraries.

Any ideas?

Kind regards and thanks for reporting problems in Debian anyway



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