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Re: Bug#481134: libpoppler does not use cmap files from xpdf-{japanese,...}, and fails to parse Japanese PDF files.


On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 11:58:07AM -0700, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> From the user's perspective, we probably want some
> kind of documentation, since nothing pulls in poppler-data; users
> expect working evince but they will be broken on upgrade until they
> install poppler-data.

But current dependency definition does not provide this path...
libpoppler3 should "Suggests: poppler-data". (I vaguely think we can not
do "Recommends:" here due to policy.)

> Looking forward into lenny+1, I think it's about time we start
> thinking about adobe-cmap-xxx and xpdf-xxx and poppler-data unified in
> some way; shipping similar files in multiple packages, and
> dpkg-diverting patched files forever doesn't sound right.

I think we still have time to fix dependency only fix uploads and ask
for hinting to get into lenny.  As for divert, it seems we do not need
it.  I have all package installed here.

Issue is they are located in different location.

I just uploaded newer package from with minimal fix. 
   libpoppler2 -> libpoppler3


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