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Downloading packages with AptPkg (libapt-pkg-perl)

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I'm trying to use libapt-pkg-perl to [log story short] and then download
the packages but I can't find a way to get the actual URI to download
the .deb files.

The closest I've come is to try to parse/match values from an
AptPkg::Cache::PkgFile object and AptPkg::PkgRecords->lookup() results
into a URI but this seems like a big hack.

In contrast it's trivial to get URI to the .dsc, orig.tar.gz, diff.gz
files using AptPkg::Source. Why is there no such thing for binary (.deb)

What would be the best way (using as little as possible besides AptPkg)
to get the URI to download a .deb?


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