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Re: issues with aptitude dist-upgrade from etch to lenny

Henning Glawe schreef:
> Moin,
> seems like in the dist-upgrade from etch to lenny is one very annoying
> (and old, AFAIR I hit it already in woody->sarge and sarge->etch)
> problem: perl is in an unusable state during the upgrade and causes
> maintainer scripts  to fail.
> I was following way:
> - update from etch and etch-security
> - change sources.list (lenny instead of etch)
> - update-procedure:
>     apt-get update
>     aptitude install aptitude
>     aptitude dist-upgrade
> after the system working for a while, maintainer scripts started to fail
> and aptitude exited.
> the maintainer-script errors were perl-related: the interpreter could not
> find modules (all from perl-base) in @INC.
> further investigation showed that perl-base was still installed in the
> etch-version, while perl itself was from lenny (and of course, the lenny
> version was not finding its own versioned modules from perl-base).
> i worked around this by installing perl-base from lenny using dpkg.
> which also failed due to the dependency loop between perl and perl-base.
> dpkg --configure perl perl-base perl-modules

FWIW, I've seen something similar, although I think I had the whole new
perl (perl, perl-base and perl-modules) unpacked at least. The proplem
seemed to be that the @INC line still had entries only from 5.8 while 5.10
was unpacked. I hadn't any time to research the problem in more detail, so
this message will not transcend the level of a ``me too!''-message ;)

grts Tim

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