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Re: issues with aptitude dist-upgrade from etch to lenny

Henning Glawe wrote:
i worked around this by installing perl-base from lenny using dpkg.
which also failed due to the dependency loop between perl and perl-base.

dpkg --configure perl perl-base perl-modules

then put the perl back to a usable state (as dependency loops are fine, as
long as dpkg configures all parts of the loop in one call).
I have had the same problem, but I didn't get any dependency loop issues. On one system I think I had to start upgrading other perl modules manually too.

On one system I run "apt-get upgrade" first before the "apt-get dist-upgrade". This system had no problems. Normally I just do an "apt-get dist-upgrade".

Unfortunately I was in a hurry to get the systems up and running (my time is rather constrained) so didn't investigate in detail required to file a quality bug report. I should still have the log files available however.

Brian May

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