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Re: Annoying GTK2 file dialogue - where to file the BUG?

On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 11:58:14AM +0200, Rudi Effe wrote:
> @Michael: You are possibly right - but:
> - Developers tend to know better what component is responsible

So you suggest every user should ask on debian-devel first before filing
a bug, so we tell them what package it belongs to?  Do you think this
would scale beyond you?  Why are you special?

> - Next to bugzilla, a developer list might be a working option
>   to reach the GTK+ coders themselves.

Certainly debian-devel isn't prominently read by the GTK+ coders, and
certainly the GTK+ coders prefer bug reports in their bug reporting
system not on their development mailing list.



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