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Annoying GTK2 file dialogue - where to file the BUG?

Dear list,

for some reason, Debian favors Gnome to be the default desktop.
My reason for using KDE is mainly Gnomes file browser. But as a 
matter of fact, major applications are using the GTK2 libraries
(Mozilla, Openoffice.org, Gimp, Audacity etc.) - and Opneoffice.org is 
the only one that allows to use the KDE file selector.

Now, what's wrong with the GTK2 file chooser? I will report a bug if 
anybody could name the package/library I have to refer to.

Look at this screen shot for instance:


(1) all entries are displayed twice
(2) there is no option to sort by size or to even display size.
    maybe this must be enabled by the calling app (audacity here)
    - but if this option is not diallowed explicitly, it should be
    possible to add it by the browsing user.

(3) whenever I tell Mozilla to open a dialogue with a specific app,
    I can (to be quick) enter its path right in the file name box
    (say: /usr/bin/ark). Next time however, the file selector will
    start browsing that directory (/usr/bin) and produce a hang
    lasting at least 4-5 seconds. Suspecting
    - missing caching
    - slow algorithms
    - bad threading

(4) missing eyecandiness: grey and simple icons, no rounded corners,
    dominating dark grey, low percentage of area used for content/
    information (too much frame).

Sorry, don't get me wrong - I just wanted to share my personal 
impression of this fun stopper - it's like a hair in a five star soup!


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