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Re: trying to overwrite ..., which is also in package ...

On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 11:47:28AM +0200, Vincent Danjean wrote:
> Looking at the description (http://edos.debian.net/missing-conflicts/doc.html)
> I'm not sure weather these tests take into account upgrades.
>   So, just for my information, does edos do that ?

Indeed they don't. Actually that tests are only meant to detect
"statically" missing file Conflicts, while the kind of file overwrite
problems which are spotted during package upgrades are more dynamic and
depends on the order in which packages upgraded. Even though there is a
logic followed by apt/dpkg in deciding the order in which perform
package upgrades, that logics is currently not formalized and hence not
used by the current EDOS/Mancoosi tools.

A bit more information about the file overwrite checks, in addition to
those available in the link you posted above, are available in the paper
accompanying the Mancoosi talk at DebConf8. A .pdf of that is available
at http://upsilon.cc/~zack/research/publications/debconf8-mancoosi.pdf,
and also as an attachment to the event in Pentabarf (but I'm not sure if
the latter is publicly available).


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