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Re: trying to overwrite ..., which is also in package ...

Olivier Berger wrote:
Le mercredi 06 août 2008 à 08:14 +0800, jidanni@jidanni.org a écrit :
Say, couldn't there be some automatic checks so we users don't encounter
# apt-get dist-upgrade
ERR: trying to overwrite `some file, which is also in package other_package

Did you check :
http://edos.debian.net/missing-conflicts/ ?

It is supposed to do exactly what you're requesting, IMHO.

Looking at the description (http://edos.debian.net/missing-conflicts/doc.html)
I'm not sure weather these tests take into account upgrades.
  I mean that, most of the times I see this bug, it comes from a file that
is moved from package oldA to package newB when a new version is published.
Maintainer correctly sets 'Conflicts' (so, for example, oldA cannot be installed
together with newB) but forgot to sets 'Replaces'. So, upgrading from
(oldA, oldB) to (newA, newB) can trigger the bug (depending on the order of
unpacking chosen by apt/dpkg).
  Checking this kind of bugs would need the analyze of two distributions
contents at the same time and upgrade tests.

  So, just for my information, does edos do that ?

  Best regards,

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