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Re: amd64 buildd hosts

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> writes:

> Walter Franzini <walter.franzini@gmail.com> (22/07/2008):
>> I'm trying to make aegis ready for lenny and it currently fails on
>> amd64 (nautilus), but the problem seems related to the environment
>> being somewhat broken.  What's the best method to contact the
>> person(s) responsible for nautilus?
> $arch@buildd.debian.org



> Looks to me that aegis shouldn't rely on the environment (think about
> strange $HOME settings, like unset, or set to an empty or
> write-protected location).

And in fact we have already fixed problems related to the strangeness
in home directory settings for buildd hosts, however, as Peter
explained, aegis refuse to work under unknown groups/users (by design
I think).

Walter Franzini

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