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Re: Intel Atom Processor

On 22/07/08 at 01:23 -0700, Kushal Koolwal wrote:
> >maybe we can start a project named mobian (mobile debian) ?
> Yes this would be awesome. This will bring Debian up to the speed of likes of Ubuntu. I would be happy to assist in this with whatever knowledge and skills I have.

Yeah, great idea! Let's start Debian subdistros for every specific use
one can think of. This whole "universal operating system" idea is so
old. What about gebian, kebian, xebian?

Seriously, it would be more interesting to determine what would need to
be changed in Debian to improve support for such devices. AFAIK (and
according to [1]), Ubuntu's lpia "port" is only about compiling packages
using different optimization options.

[1] http://lwn.net/Articles/247003/
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