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Re: FHS and /var/www

Franklin PIAT wrote:
In a few years from now, many packages will have migrated their stuffs
from /var/lib/* to /srv/$1/localhost/.

At that time, the whole benefit of /srv being a clean location would be
Personally I am happy with what ever location Debian decides to be the default. However...

Packages should not fill this directory with any files. Period. No exceptions. Not even .htaccess files (which normally shouldn't be used anyway because enabling these slows down web accesses - at least according to official Apache documentation).

Rather they should distribute the appropriate configuration (or documentation on how to configure) in the package to enable to web server (most people use Apache; therefore /etc/apache2/conf.d/$packagename) to access the files in /var/lib/$packagename.

That way if I want package X to be seen only from one virtual server, I configure apache not to read /etc/apache2/conf.d and instead include the file manually from the required virtual host.

I don't have to worry about manually copying stuff from the virtual directory of localhost to the required virtual directory.

I suspect if you enforced this rule, some of the objections raised here to various proposals would go go away.

Brian May

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