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Re: Policy restriction to depend on font packages

Quoting Eugene V. Lyubimkin (jackyf.devel@gmail.com):

> Should I mass-file the bugs or this situation can be resolved through
> different approach?

While you're technically right, apparently, I think that this issue
should be solved by a discussion to either adapt the policy wrt
current practice (font servers are rather odd in these days of
mobility) or delay the solution to this after the release.

The point is basically: we perfectly live with this "problem" for
years, so do we really want to delay the release by adding 93 RC bugs
for something that is basically cosmetic while we have a pile of RC
bugs that aren't cosmetic and are already delaying the release?

I'd vote the eventually discuss the issue now (adapt the policy or
make this a release goal for lenny+1) but agree to not make it a
blocker for lenny.

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