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Re: Policy restriction to depend on font packages

2008/7/15 Eugene V. Lyubimkin <jackyf.devel@gmail.com>:

> Then I searched the Debian archive (in case of TrueType fonts):
> $ grep-aptavail -F Depends "ttf-" -s Package | wc -l
> 93
> $ grep-aptavail \( -F Recommends "ttf-" --or -F Suggests "ttf-" \)
> - --and ! -F Depends "ttf-" -s Package | wc -l
> 101
> So, there are 93 packages that violate "must" directive of policy.
> Some of them: fontconfig-config, blender, openjdk-6-jre,
> openoffice.org-core, vlc. And, as I understand, it leads to 93 bugs of
> "serious" severity and yet another pain for release team.

Many games depend on ttf fonts being available, and they are a MUST
(without them, the game just won't work). Shall we remove the depend
on them and duplicate the fonts inside the game package?


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