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Re: Policy restriction to depend on font packages

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Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Eugene V. Lyubimkin (jackyf.devel@gmail.com):
>> Should I mass-file the bugs or this situation can be resolved through
>> different approach?
> While you're technically right, apparently, I think that this issue
> should be solved by a discussion to either adapt the policy wrt
> current practice (font servers are rather odd in these days of
> mobility) or delay the solution to this after the release.
> The point is basically: we perfectly live with this "problem" for
> years, so do we really want to delay the release by adding 93 RC bugs
> for something that is basically cosmetic while we have a pile of RC
> bugs that aren't cosmetic and are already delaying the release?
I think that of course, no. I don't want to delay Lenny release in any way.

Julien Cristau has mentioned that policy 11.8.5 talks about only
server-side packages and not TrueType (and some others?). In this case
there is no problem at all and I can only suggest to add a note to
policy to specify this more explicitly.

Sorry for noise.

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Eugene V. Lyubimkin
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