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Re: RFC: Java (JAR) desktop integration/admin tool

On Sunday 13 July 2008 17:15:01 RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Dear list,


> especially in educational settings, there is an increasing pool of
> platform independent Java applications (JARs) that can be integrated in
> users' desktops.
> While Java JDK is freed nowadays, those JAR files are mostly
> closed-source (bluej, javakara, jprologeditor, greenfoot etc.).
> Rather than creating wrapping deb-packages with binary content
> ('dirty'), I'd suggest a straight-forward policy plus some desktop
> integration tool for admins:

Hmmm, the debian binary packages are not just a way to blindly move files 
(i.e. the  payload) to the users desktops, it brings some meaningful set of 
well crafted features like relationships between these payloads (depends, 
provides, conflict, etc) thus users are able to manage them is a sane way 
(install, remove, configure, reconfigure,not to mention various a-la `list' 
and `show' queries like dpkg -L, dpkg -S, debsums, and so forth). I'm afraid 
that your proposal has an inherent problem and won't survive or is not 
suitable for broad spread, but probably you can find a way to use it locally 
somehow especially if a robust system accountability and housekeeping is not 
of any interest for you.

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