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RFC: Java (JAR) desktop integration/admin tool

Dear list,

especially in educational settings, there is an increasing pool of 
platform independent Java applications (JARs) that can be integrated in 
users' desktops.

While Java JDK is freed nowadays, those JAR files are mostly 
closed-source (bluej, javakara, jprologeditor, greenfoot etc.).

Rather than creating wrapping deb-packages with binary content 
('dirty'), I'd suggest a straight-forward policy plus some desktop 
integration tool for admins:

- place all jar files to /usr/share/java or /usr/lib/jar
- register desktop relevant jar files in /etc/debian-desktop-jar.conf
  like this:
  exec="java -jar /usr/lib/jar/bluej22.jar"
  menu="BlueJ Java Editor"
- add some hook that makes those icons show in desktop menus
- provide some tool that helps registering such JAR apps.

Maybe there is already such approach. In some way it would be handy if 
the proposed /etc/debian-desktop-jar.conf could be spreaded easily to 
further desktops. This would imply packaging all files mentioned there 
(jar files, icons) for further deployment.

Especially for Schools running Debian (Edu) such policy/tool could be 
very helpful. 

Please comment on this.
Kind regards

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