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Changes detected by lintian on rebuilt packages

Hi all,

Probably a week or two ago I contacted Lucas Nussbaum to ask him if he could 
run lintian on the results of his packages rebuild so they could be compared 
against the results from lintian.d.o to detect package changes (i.e. new or 
less lintian-detected issues).

I have just started to compare the data and already found some package changes 
which I'll be posting some time soon.

But my question is: how should we proceed? Here are the options (I can think 

* MBF based on the issues found (when lintian reports more issues on the 
rebuilt package) [1] .
* Trigger binNMU's for the affected packages (when lintian reports less issues 
on the rebuilt package) [2].

What does the, BCC'ed, RT think about this? and what do others think?

Because some packages FTBFS, there are some missing build logs[3], and because 
there are some manpage warnings that are/not found either on lintian.d.o's 
results or the archive rebuild's results I can't even estimate the number of 
affected packages.

[1] An example would be "ace-of-penguins": running lintian on the package from 
the archive only detects two issues, but on the rebuilt package it detects 
[2] Haven't found any example of these, yet.
[3] At least aboot's is missing, already notified Lucas.

Atomo64 - Raphael

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