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Re: Changes detected by lintian on rebuilt packages

Raphael Geissert wrote:
> [2] Haven't found any example of these, yet.

Here's one:

$ \diff -u xabacus_7.1.7-1_i386.lintian xabacus_7.1.7-1+b1_i386.lintian
--- xabacus_7.1.7-1_i386.lintian        2008-07-12 20:52:30.000000000 -0500
+++ xabacus_7.1.7-1+b1_i386.lintian     2008-07-12 20:52:38.000000000 -0500
@@ -10,8 +10,6 @@
 I: xabacus: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign usr/share/man/man6/xabacus.6.gz:41
 I: xabacus: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign usr/share/man/man6/xabacus.6.gz 6 more occurrences not shown
 W: xabacus: doc-base-unknown-section xabacus:6 Apps/Math
-W: xabacus: executable-not-elf-or-script ./usr/share/applications/xabacus.desktop
-E: xabacus: executable-desktop-file /usr/share/applications/xabacus.desktop 0755
 I: xabacus: desktop-entry-contains-encoding-key /usr/share/applications/xabacus.desktop:12 Encoding
 W: xabacus: desktop-entry-invalid-category X /usr/share/applications/xabacus.desktop
 W: xabacus: menu-item-uses-apps-section /usr/share/menu/xabacus:3
@@ -19,4 +17,3 @@
 W: xabacus: description-contains-homepage
 W: xabacus: package-relation-with-self provides: xabacus
 W: xabacus: package-relation-with-self replaces: xabacus
-W: xabacus: spelling-error-in-changelog suport support

Note that spelling error was *not* fixed by rebuilding.
Lintian does only check the latest changelog entry and doesn't care 
whether it it was from a maintainer upload, NMU, or binNMU.


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