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Re: Strange file problem

> Speaking as the person that added resierfs support to the Debian Boot
> Floppies, all of my new filesystems are XFS.
> I have seen too many strange problems with reiserfs, such as the
> undeletable files (i have abot three on one of my partitions still). I
> have heard of lots more.
> WHile there was a lot of neat things scheduled for ResierFS4, it looks
> like it will never see the light of day.
> Best of luck with the filesystems,

Smartmontools doesn't recognize any hardware-related problem. Well the
problem is filesystem-related, many other people have advised me about
XFS and i will try it. Someone says that reiserfs-tools have been
orphaned in debian i think that is not a case and is not just related to
Reiser's law problem. 
Thanks for the help anyway. 

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