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Re: Strange file problem

Andrea Ferraresi wrote:
> Hello folks,
> i have some trouble about a strange file problem experienced after
> a filesystem [ReiserFS] crash.
> In the /var/run directory I have 3 files (sshd.pid, sudo, motd) that cannot
> be accessed in any way. I try to remove it but rm -f returns a
> "permission denied" message
> sshd doesn't work but sudo does. The Inode has value 0 in all cases.
> Have you got any ideas?

You may need to perform a reiserfsck --rebuild-tree


  This option rebuilds the entire file system tree using leaf nodes
  found on the device. Normally you only need this option if the --check
  option reports "corruption that can be fixed only during
  --rebuild-tree". You are strongly encouraged to make a backup copy of
  the whole partition before attempting the --rebuild-tree option.

Good luck.

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