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Re: gnome, kde, xfce use non-policy main menu

Le samedi 05 juillet 2008 à 02:42 -0400, Daniel Dickinson a écrit :
> Gnome, KDE, and XFCE are the the top three desktops used in debian and
> cover most users of desktops in debian.
> They all use xdg .desktop-based menus as their main menu.

The last time this discussion was raised up, the clear consensus was
that, at least for the GNOME menu, the primary goals of the xdg-based
menu system and those of the Debian menu are fundamentally different.
The GNOME menu is aimed towards usability, and the Debian menu is aimed
towards completeness. Given the capabilities of the GNOME panel (for
which adding submenus is neither easy nor efficient in terms of
usability), the limitations of the XDG system (for which it is not
possible to define “views” including or excluding some categories) and
the restrictions of the Debian menu system (no i18n support, 32x32 XPM
icons, strict hierarchy), these goals are simply not compatible.

Therefore, I still feel that, despite it being a big mess, the current
situation is the best:
      * the default menu contains only what is needed, and we are still
        hunting down entries that are useless to make them not show up
        by default;
      * users wanting the Debian menu and its gazillions of entries
        including window managers, terminal emulators and shell
        interpreters can enable it easily in the menu editor;
      * those really wanting only the Debian menu can replace
        gnome-applications.menu by debian-menu.menu.

If you want this to change, you need to seriously think about evolutions
to both XDG and Debian menu systems, to convince fd.o and the Debian
menu maintainer to implement them, and to find a good way to present
them in a nice way in the main menu and in a menu editor. None of these
tasks are simple.

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