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gnome, kde, xfce use non-policy main menu

For discussion:

Gnome, KDE, and XFCE are the the top three desktops used in debian and
cover most users of desktops in debian.

They all use xdg .desktop-based menus as their main menu.

xdg .desktop-based menus are not covered by policy.

This means some maintainers refuse to use them (see bug #478954 and

The main menu (meaning the primary menu used for program selection; I
don't include quick access menus which have a small selection of often
used programs) should either be the debian-menu or all packages which
are supposed to have menu entires should also be required to
supply .desktop files.

Having a dual-menu scheme in policy is ugly.

Currently the debian-menu is a submenu of the main menu, called

Having the main menu, where users, especially new users, expect
to find all their programs not be canonical is also ugly.  Having
the canonical menu as a submenu (currently the case) means the programs
are at least available but you have to know to look there when you can't
find it in the main menu, and looking in two places to find a program
is a pain. You could always look in the debian menu always, but then why
have the main menu?

menu-xdg provides the 'Debian' menu (or main menu if that is the choice
debian makes) from debian-menu entries as an xdg-compliant menu and

desktops that want to have .desktop entries for specific programs ought
to be responsible for creating the code that merges the debian main
menu with their main menu (e.g. in menu-xdg), rather than forcing every
other application in debian to do their work for them.


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