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Re: Intent to NMU tinyproxy


On Fri, Jul 04, 2008 at 02:08:23PM -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Given the above mentioned factors (mainly, you are adding
> functionality and not just fixing a bug, and the maintainer is not at
> all active), I'm sure you have tried to ping Ed Boraas on this
> regard. Why don't you take over the package? I think everybody will be
> better off that way...

No, the first time I've contacted Ed was with my previous email,
actually. I did check in the PTS and his activity in the last two or
three years is quite low.

I don't think I want or should take over the package. The time I can
devote to Debian is really scarce these days and I should actually get
rid of Debian duties, other than accepting new ones. :)

> (of course, keeping Ed in the Cc: - Ed, are you still interested in
> this package? Would you oppose Jordi taking over?)

If Ed agrees with handing the package over, I can orphan it and do a QA
upload, or post a RFA. That would fix the Ubuntu issue I mentioned, too,
as they would only need to do a no-change rebuild to get it in sync.

If Ed doesn't react, maybe orphaning it is best after all.

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